Namaqua Horse Trails
Even Further From The Madding Crowd...


  • One-hour and two-hour rides

We offer a one hour beginner ride around our farm.  The terrain is interesting and you will see a number of fascinating plant species of Namaqualand.  Experience the novelty of mountain climbing on the backs of our safe horses.  The two hour ride is for the slightly more experienced rider as we ride over neighbouring farms enjoying awesome vistas and the feeling of wild open spaces.


  •  Riding lessons (including learning how to tack up the horse)
  • Horse handling lessons for horse owners (trucking, feeding, general handling, etc.)
  • Intensive riding courses (2 or 3 days of one-on-one or one-on-two lessons and/or coaching for those who need to learn something specific or just want to progress in some speciifc discipline)


Children's Camps

  •  Riding camps, usually following a theme such as eventing, show jumping, trail riding or dressage.
  • Activity camps, including horse riding, abseiling, art, craft, making movies, making books, swimming and whatever else we can think of.


Horse Starting

  • Backing horses ("breaking to saddle"). We make wild or untrained horses rideable and they can be groomed, washed, have their hooves trimmed, stand tied and be boxed.
  • Schooling horses (Depending on the requirements of the owner, we train them to a more advanced level, including basic dressage, show jumping, eventing, endurance, gymkhana, cattle herding, trailing, packing.)
  • "Breaking" to carriage

(We use a pragmatic combination of Classical Riding methods and the so called "Natural Horsemanship" methods. Our emphasis is always on praise rather than punishment and we prefer to take our time over training. Good training takes years not weeks.)



  •  We have paddocks of up to 50 ha
  • Our horses run as a herd
  • Social, open stable construction (3m x 9m per stable)
  • 24 hour supervision
  • Each horse has an individually controlled diet
  • Basic schooling facilities
  • Lovely outrides



  •  Colic operation recoveries including strictly regulated diets
  • Smaller paddocks for horses needing individual attention due to lameness
  • Controlled exercise programmes after extended lameness


Foal Catching

  •  Ann is a qualified stud manager
  • David and Ann have caught more than 60 foals
  • Mares are under 24 hour observation prior to foaling and for 24 hours post foaling
  • We have a good relationship with all our local vets


Please contact us for more information.